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I've been creating videos for a number of years, and this website is a fun and convenient showcase of my works. Take a look around, and thanks for watching!


Stop motion animation is the process of turning still images into video. Every video on this website is entirely created from Lego toys, without the use of any computer generated images.  It's a lot of work, but hey... it's what I do!



When someone says "Lego," you probably think of the countless hours you've spent building a castle, a racecar, or even a spaceship. These toys are a tremendous way to build your dreams into reality.



With YouTube and our current technology, watching and sharing videos has never been more convenient. These new outlets allow creators to express themselves in ways not possible before.



Animation combines building, storytelling, patience, and editing. A video has no limit, other than your imagination.


I'm currently working on "Lego Snowball Fight." The aim was to create a short and fun winter themed video, without being a holiday special just yet... coming soon!


Tim and Ralph: Halloween


A fun Halloween special featuring out two favorite brick buddies...


Michael Hickox

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Lego Pizza Delivery 8


What can I say... it's number 8. Enjoy!

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