Back in 2005, I began to make stop motion videos. The process seemed like magic to me, and I created videos out of all sorts of materials. With the new creation of YouTube, I was able to share my videos with the public, and my viewership began to grow.


In 2009, I started taking myself more seriously. I noticed that my videos containing Lego brand and similar toys were much more popular than my other videos. I took a new approach, opened a new YouTube channel, and started creating Lego stop motion videos exclusively.


Although I may not be the best animator or storyteller out there, I pride myself on being able to balance the two in a way that not many others do. I focus on clean and universal content for my global fanbase, with no cursing or mature themes.


I'm always working on videos, but understand that they take a while to create. So in the meantime, watch some videos... and don't forget to comment, like, and subscribe!


Viewer Question Special (FAQ 2019)

Here is a frequently asked questions video I made in 2019. You can find an a few older behind the scenes videos in the "all videos" collection.

Michael Hickox

I'm the guy that makes the videos.

Charles Harrison

Music for most of the videos from 2014 to 2016.


Kevin MacLeod

His music was the first featured on my videos, and has been used extensively since.